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Steve Unwin

Steve Unwin

Steve has lived in Shaftesbury town centre for 19 years. He married Jane in Motcombe in 1996, and for 10 years they have run a VAT registered internet business selling vintage books. They have one daughter who attends the local Shaftesbury School.

Prior to that Steve was a full-time professional Conservative Party Agent in Oxford West & Abingdon, North Dorset, Romsey and North West Hampshire. He has considerable campaign experience and has acted as Election Agent in the 1987, 1992, 1997 and 2001 General Elections, as well as for over 250 local government candidates.

After 10 years absence from the Conservative Party, Steve joined UKIP and has been actively campaigning every week recruiting helpers for the party. “The day David Cameron declared that in 2017 he would have a referendum on EU membership was the day I joined UKIP,” says Steve.

“It was weasel words: he would renegotiate with the EU but there was no mention of what he wanted to renegotiate, and in spite of what was or was not agreed, he would ‘campaign rigorously’ for Britain to remain in the EU. He clearly does not want out, in any circumstances. Cameron has worked very hard to put off traditional supporters, but that was the final tipping-point for me to now work hard to get him out.”

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