UK Independence Party Dorset North

Julia Reid

Dr Julia Reid MEP

‘I have lived in Wiltshire for 40 years. I am a research biochemist by profession and have spent most of my working life in academia. I have been opposed to the European Project since the 1960’s and campaigned for a ‘No vote’ in the 1975 referendum. During my time as a UKIP member I have sat on many committees. After the 2009 European elections I was complimented on my commitment, hard work, and on my performance at the hustings during the campaign. In 2011 I began working as an Accredited Research Assistant at the European Parliament in Brussels/Strasbourg for the MEP Trevor Coleman.

My knowledge of UKIP policies and ability to remember facts and figures is why I was selected to be the UKIP representative on the BBC South West Question Time panel prior to the 2010 General Election. I am ready, willing and able to devote my energies towards the achievement of UKIP’s goals. Now, more than ever, we need UKIP MEPs who are committed to the cause of leaving the EU. As for myself, my loyalty and dedication to UKIP are beyond question. My guiding principle is that the British people should govern themselves and that Britain should be a sovereign, self-governing country.’

Dr Reid was elected to the European Parliament for the South West in May 2014 taking over from Trevor Colman.

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