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Steve Unwin refutes DCC claim

UKIP Parliamentary Candidate for North Dorset, Steve Unwin, refutes the attack on UKIP activists made in a statement produced by the Dorset County Council. Cllr Spencer Flower, leader of Dorset County Council, claimed he was the victim of a UKIP witch-hunt after being charged with breaching financial rules.

UKIP do not control the police or the Crown Prosecution Service” stated Mr Unwin. “I have known Spencer for many years, having been his election agent when he was first elected a councillor in 1999. I thought he was better than that.”

Cllr Flower is set to appear at Bournemouth Magistrates Court on Tuesday, December 2, charged with three counts of failing to declare his personal interest in companies that were the subject of debate at council meetings.

“This general attack on UKIP indicates that it is the Dorset County Council press statement that is playing party politics” added Mr Unwin, who went on to say “It is a bit rich of Cllr Flower to complain about a charge of breaching basic requirements under the Localism Act – an Act introduced by the Conservative Party in 2011”.


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