UK Independence Party Dorset North

Dorset North UKIP selects Parliamentary Candidate

We are pleased to have selected Jeremy Nieboer as our candidate for the forthcoming parliamentary election. Mr Nieboer has lived with his wife and family in Motcombe near Shaftesbury for over 10 years. He is a solicitor with Wilsons in Salisbury. He is on the Advisory Board of the European Foundation and has campaigned to keep the UK out of the Eurozone and for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

Speaking after the selection meeting at Charlton Marshall Mr Nieboer said:

The British public are trapped in a vast European superstate. They have no idea who are the EU commissars that govern them, they have no power to elect them, they have no power to remove them. 80% of our laws are made in Brussels by the ‘law factory’ of the EU Commission – none of these laws is subject to any democratic scrutiny – none of them can be changed or repealed by our Parliament.

The cost of this project is £2,000 a year for each of us. Our fishing industry has been devastated, the Common Agricultural Policy is costing us £16bn each year, small and medium size firms have been driven out of business by grotesque levels of regulation and our post offices closing – all due to EU dictated directives. We have lost our independence over our foreign policy to the EU. Our courts and justice system are no longer supreme. Parliament is without power.

We can never change any of this – we are a very small minority – 1 out of 27 and could not prevent any of this in the 37 years we have been in. The British people will ask not “What sort of Europe do we want” but “What sort of Britain do we want”. UKIP promises a sovereign democratic Parliament and an independent Britain

Mr Nieboer is to hold a series of public meetings to meet anyone wishing to find out more about UKIP.

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