UK Independence Party Dorset North

A Message of Thanks

May we say a very big thank you to you, the voter, for giving UKIP your support last Thursday.

We recorded a massive total of 6,952 votes spread through nine divisions of North Dorset. This was enough for 3 second and 6 third places. We are delighted that you put your confidence in us to make the changes needed locally.

The full results are shown elsewhere on this website.

We would also like to say a special thank you to all the Proposers, Seconders and Assenters who cheerfully signed our nomination forms, and to all who helped to get the leaflets, posters and signs out to so many Dorset North homes. We owe you a great debt.

These are great figures and we hope to be able to build on them to achieve success at the next opportunity, when we can start to make a difference to the way the council is run in Dorset.

We would like to make a special mention of the remarkable success of Ian Smith who has achieved the distinction of being the first UKIP County Councillor in Dorset. Ian stood with Town Councillor Peter Lucas in the neighbouring division of Ferndown, a division that before the last constituency boundary changes was in North Dorset. The contest was hard fought and little separated the top four. Working hard, Peter achieved the fourth place in this double ward narrowly missing out joining his colleague in County Hall. Don’t forget that Ian will be working for the county and not just Ferndown and is there to help you.

We have the European Elections in 2014 when we all vote for the party of our choice (i.e. UKIP of course!) rather than named candidates. With your help we can achieve first place in this to take lead of the UK contingent of MEPs in the European Parliament and work from the inside in getting the country free from the EU’s grips.

In 2015 you will have your next chance to elect UKIP councillors in Dorset – this time at District Council level. Concurrently we will be contesting the General Election when we hope you will help us change history by voting UKIP candidates into Westminster where we can really get to grips to saving this country from the mess current and previous politicians have got it into. This would give us the chance to vote to leave the EU in a genuine in/out referendum. Only then can the huge problems facing our country be addressed by British politicians.

Thank you for your valued support.


Alan Kewley – Blackmore Vale; Len Alabaster – Blandford; Nick Jones – Cranborne Chase
Lester Taylor – Gillingham; Lynda Dixon – Shaftesbury; Richard Lucas – Stour Vale; John Baxter and Roy Wetherall – Verwood; Geoff Lambert – Winterborne

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