UK Independence Party Dorset North

Dorset North Parliamentary Candidature Hustings

The Committee of the Dorset North UK Independence Party Association give notice that the Hustings in respect to the Westminster Parliamentary Candidature will be held on Monday 4th November 2013.
The venue will be the Committee Room at the Village Hall, Pimperne near Blandford Forum. The meeting will start at 7 for 7.30pm and limited refreshments will be available.

Members of the Dorset North UKIP Association are respectfully requested to attended to vote for their choice of candidate to face a General or By Election to represent them in the Westminster Parliament. This can be done only at this meeting and not via the post, by proxy or by any other medium. Members will need to bring a current UKIP membership card showing both their name and the Dorset North Association to receive a voting card.

It is expected that all candidates will speak on the evening, have the opportunity to distribute personal literature and answer questions posed by those members at the meeting.
A paper ballot will then be held and the name of the successful candidate announced before the end of the meeting.

Those wishing to stand must have successfully achieved an A grade at the UKIP Assessment Centre and currently appear on the Approved Candidates List. They will have been advised of the vacancy by MyUKIP and advised their interest to our Association via the Party Director.

If you have any queries about the procedure or event please contact the Chairman by email or telephone 01202 897884.

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