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Why should you vote UKIP in the 2013 May County Council elections?

Lester TaylorLester Taylor

Although the UK Independence Party (UKIP) has the central belief that the UK would be better off out of the undemocratic EU, the party also has a raft of cohesive policies that would make things better at a local level.
UKIP wants to place more power in the hands of the people locally, preserve our communities and save the long suffering taxpayers some of their hard earned money in the process.

This approach requires a change in the way councillors operate and one big difference between UKIP and the other parties is that our councillors are not ‘whipped’ into following the party line. UKIP councillors are expected to represent the wishes of their electors at all times making it easier to gain agreement on getting the things done that people actually want doing.

UKIP councillors will stand up for local decision making and fight against unwanted proposals foisted on them by central government that ruin the character of our communities.

UKIP wants to save you money by building partnerships to reduce costs whilst abolishing non-essential or politically correct positions and red tape. We also want to make it easier for local businesses to tender for local authority contracts. Road maintenance should be a priority with rural bus routes and the mending of potholes taking priority over council vanity schemes.

With some council executives in the UK earning more than the Prime Minister we believe that excessive senior council staff pay deals and overly-generous councillors’ allowances and expenses should be reduced. Council self promotion and advertising budgets should also be cut.

This just gives a flavour of what a UKIP run local government has to offer you. For more information please see the UKIP local manifesto.

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