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The man-made element of 'Global Warming'

Jeremy NieboerJeremy Nieboer

In earlier articles – and in publications and speeches to UKIP conference and the Bruges Group – I have sought to show how UK energy policies have been dangerously distorted by an obsession with C02 emissions and ‘wind power’. But it must be understood that these damaging policies are governed by the malign dominion of the EU Commission.

The EU has set its own legal criteria governing the Commission’s actions on environmental matters. Article 191.3 of Lisbon (re-enacting earlier legislation) requires the EU, on environmental matters, to take account of certain specific factors including:

The Commission has failed utterly to abide by these mandatory requirements. It has not initiated any analysis of the evidence for global warming (if any), its causes, effects and hearings mitigating action, it has commissioned no independent reports or research, it has held no with or without sworn evidence. Its aim has solely been to posture as setting a moral example to the world for the purpose of extending its ‘competence’. Worse still it has merely relied, without enquiry, on the IPPC Reports and on the Stern Review.

The 1996 IPCC Report for the first time included statements indicating human causation of global warming. The Summary for Policy Makers, prepared for governmental policy makers, stated that there was ‘evidence of discernible human influence’ on global temperature. Yet on investigation by the Wall Street Journal (and others) it emerged that the main report contained no such finding. The actual finding was that ‘no study to date has positively attributed climate change to human cause’. This shameful re-writing of the Report by environmental activists deprived it of any validity.

The 2001 IPCC Report predicted a catastrophic 5.8° temperature rise by 2100. It relied on a graph showing a flat line of global temperature over the last 1000 years with a violent rise this century – the ‘Hockey Stick’. However the graph was fundamentally flawed. It suppressed all evidence of the Mediaeval and Roman Warmings and used a false ‘principal component analysis’ so that whatever data was fed into the computer model it would produce the ‘hockey stick’ effect. It was exposed by two Reports to Congress in 2006 and has been given no credence since then by any responsible entity save for the Commission.

Mr Blair commissioned the Stern Review (October 2006) to add lustre to his role as EU leader on the dangers of global warming. Stern did not commission any investigation or hold any hearings. It ignored the Congressional Reports of that year and all contrary scientific research. It has been exposed as departing from all normal criteria for scientific works (see Professor Op Cit Plimer pp476-480). It was condemned by respected scientists including Dr Tol – author of the UN Handbook on Climate Change Assessment and a contributor to IPCC reports – who described it as ‘alarmist and incompetent’.

Yet the Commission relies on Stern totally for its centrepiece policies including its 20:20:20 keystone strategy, its Green Paper (June 2007) and White Paper (1 April 2009) ‘Adapting to Climate Change’. Above all it has used Stern to justify the “transformation of the European economy requiring major political social and economic effort” (Commission ‘Communication to European Parliament’
Europe’s Climate Change Opportunity 23.01.2008). The EU has betrayed its ‘citizens’ by inciting alarm on this emotive subject with no regard for the fears, costs and privations its extravagant posturing will inflict, whilst leaving us more dependent than ever on the very fossil fuels whose emissions are the object of its legislation.

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