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The Lights are Going to Go Off

Jeremy NieboerJeremy Nieboer

I should tender an apology for again addressing the disaster of UK energy policy. But the lights are going to go off and electricity will be double the price it was 3 years ago by 2018. I have been prompted by Rollo Reid of Christchurch to remind ourselves of the disaster that confronts us.

The dominant fact is that the planet is not getting hotter. Over the last 16 years temperature has fallen slightly. In 2008 it suffered the steepest fall since 1880. The UK meteorological office and NASA have each published data and graphs from actual measurements showing there is no global warming at all.

Accordingly all the computer models on which policy has been based – including those of the IPCC – are wrong. The EU directives and the UK Climate Change Act 2008 are founded on falsehood. The actual evidence demonstrates this. It is expected that temperature will decline slightly over the next 20 years.

C02 content of the atmosphere has risen inexorably since 1850 with the advent of the industrial age. From 280 parts per million it is now about 400ppm. In the decade to 2010 it rose by 3% a year. But global temperature has been chaotic in this period. From 1910 – 1940 it rose by 0.4 Celsius; then fell by 0.2. From 1976 until 1998 it rose by 0.5. What does this tell us as a matter of undeniable fact? That there is no correlation between CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere and warming of the planet.

A month ago Christopher Booker reported in the Sunday Telegraph that National Grid data showed the 4,300 windmills in the UK were producing one thousand part of our power requirement (0.1%) or 30 megawatts. A gas fired plant produces 2,200 mw – 74 times as much as our entire wind industry. Didcot and Cockenzie coal fired plants have just been closed under the EU Large Combustion Plants Directive – they supplied one tenth of our power – 100 times what the wind can produce.

Yet the delusions multiply like fungus on the decaying remnants of Government policy. Still we hear the BBC speak of “climate change” as if it existed. David Attenborough talks of saving polar bears from “global warming” when the evidence is that their population has grown from 10,000 in 1996 to over 25,000 in 20061. The Climate Change Act 2008 requires CO2 emissions to fall to 20% of 1990 levels (a real fall of 90%). It was voted in by 463 “members of parliament”. Once implemented we would cease to exist as a modern developed state.

The US has shown that the cost of power falls with exploitation of shale gas. Meanwhile India plans 400 new coal fired power stations. But here at home, as the poor have to choose between warmth and food, the main parties gape impotently at the destruction they have wrought on our countryside, our economy and our industry.

1 US National Biological Service and International Union for Conservation of Nature

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