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The Build-up to the General Election

Jeremy NieboerJeremy Nieboer

We are now all at the point of our maximum effort and brightest hope for the future that we, as a party, have had in all our electoral history. The General Election will be on us in a few weeks and with it the prize of a surge in support for the policies UKIP have put before the electorate.

Never before in our campaign history has UKIP put itself forward so clearly as a party of government with policies on taxation – to bring millions out of tax; immigration – to reclaim our borders; education – to take the State out of our schools; welfare – to bring fair dealing for British citizens and workfare for those seeking work; local government – to make Councils self financing through a Local Sales Tax and above all restoring authority to Parliament by regaining our independence as a self governing sovereign democracy.

These are policies for all. They are policies we should be proud of spelling out as a party that may well hold a critical role in the next Parliament. We alone as a party occupy the high ground of democratic politics to restore an effective and robust democracy.

We have now sent out my first leaflet to all 44,000 households in the North Dorset Constituency – this is being distributed now. In the second week of April my election address will hit the doorsteps of 44,900 voting households – in good time before postal votes are polled. But what John Baxter and I urgently need is your help with whatever you can spare by way of funds at this key time. Also – as much as anything – we need to have as many posters up to show our presence as clearly and emphatically as possible.

Please do call or e-mail John Baxter as soon as you can to let him know if you can help with a poster site. We will provide the boards and stakes. We do not have the funds or manpower of the Tories and Liberals – but we can demonstrate the force of our presence!

Best wishes for a momentous General Election.

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