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Ten more good reasons to vote to get out of the EU

Steve UnwinSteve Unwin

  1. By leaving the EU, the UK will exit the Common Fisheries Policy and reinstate British territorial waters. Norway and Iceland have chosen control of their fishing industry over EU membership as did Greenland who withdrew from the EU in 1985 following a referendum.
  2. By leaving the EU the UK will leave the Common Agricultural Policy. We can then form our own agricultural policy in the interests of British taxpayers and consumers that is of improved benefit to UK farmers and British food security.
  3. By leaving the EU, we would reoccupy the UK’s vacant seat at the World Trade Organization, and represent ourselves, negotiating our own trade agreements and advancing our own national interests.
  4. It is in the UK’s interest to make the most of our unique links with the Commonwealth, with North America, Australasia, much of Africa, the Indian sub-continent and all the other countries where English is the first or second language, as well as with Europe and the EU itself.
  5. EU regional funds use your money to actively encourage UK based manufacturing plants to move to areas in the EU customs union with the lowest wage levels – such as Peugeot closing its Ryton plant in Coventry and moving to Slovakia; and Ford transferring production in Southampton to a plant in Turkey.
  6. The EU is a death-knell to the concept of good-quality, well-paid, highly skilled jobs in Britain. The EU is also responsible for wage compression in the unskilled and semi-skilled labour sectors.
  7. The EU Arrest Warrant enables authorities to have individuals extradited from one member state to another, with varying judicial standards, without the need to provide evidence against the accused.
  8. The EU has the power to enter a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) with the USA that threatens public sector services such as the NHS, and gives corporations the power to sue elected governments for policies that might affect future loss of private profit.
  9. The EU produces too much red tape with legislation and regulations (e.g. 3,580 new EU laws between 2010-2013). Only by getting out can we remove those which hamper British prosperity and competitiveness.
  10. The EU is becoming a United States of Europe, a political union with its own flag, national anthem, president, parliament, currency, central bank, a vast civil service, law-making powers, and fledgling military and police forces.

“Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union?” SAY NO – NO TO THE EU

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