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Ten Great Reasons to Vote UKIP in the Police and Crime Commissioner Elections!

Lester TaylorLester Taylor

On Thursday 5th May 2016 you will get the opportunity to elect a new Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for your area. Here are ten reasons why you should vote for your UK Independence Party PCC candidate, Lester Taylor:

  1. A UKIP vote is a vote to Leave the European Union. The billions we pay to the EU should be used on priorities at home – including more investment in the Police
  2. More bobbies on the beat for your buck – warranted police officers should be on the beat, not filling in forms in back-office roles
  3. I will put victims and the police before criminals. The rights of law abiding people should take priority over those of criminals within a robust justice system
  4. With four more years of Government cuts to come the country needs an independent UKIP voice to defend the security of our local communities
  5. Zero Tolerance in areas of local crime and anti-social behaviour hotspots
  6. The UKIP Police & Crime Commissioner team across the country will work together for a higher priority for policing in the UK
  7. I will expose and fight the red tape that keeps our police officers off the beat
  8. One Nation, one legal system: criminals can expect the police to pursue them in all corners of the community
    9. I support the police as a fundamental pillar of our community and the bobby on the beat is the jewel in the Crown
    10. As a committed, full-time UKIP Police and Crime Commissioner, I will always listen and respond to your concerns.

For more information on your Dorset UKIP PCC Candidate please visit my website at

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