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Law and Order in the UK

Jeremy NieboerJeremy Nieboer

Some of us were fortunate enough to be in Birmingham to hear some remarkable speeches at the UKIP
annual conference. Among these was the speech by Gerard Batten MEP the UKIP spokesman on Home Affairs. This was delivered at a time when UKIP members are seeking election as Police and Crime Commissioners. The rise of crime is of the highest importance in the minds of the electorate at large and Gerard Batten did not yield to any temptation to mollify his comments with politically correct platitudes.

The primary role of the State is not to provide goods or services whether they be telephones or education. Its primary role is confined to assuring the security of our country and its peoples. Thus the paramount duty of Government is the protection of the public from crime and its consequences. It is a duty that is owed to each of us and is of its nature a duty that must be discharged by enforcement of the law. For this reason the Police should no longer be designated as a “Service” – it is a Force and should be known as such. And enforcement means that prisons must be built to ensure that sentences are served as handed down and not as modified by political intervention.

Furthermore if we remove trust from our Police Force we undermine and weaken the very protection that we require of it. The Police must again have the power to decide on prosecutions based solely on the strength of the evidence not on any other consideration. They must remain a primary arm of the State and no delegation to private concerns can be contemplated; the Police Force is the manifestation of the duty owed by the Government to us all.

The public must be confident that no one will be proceeded against who, in the stress of criminal threats, uses force to defend themselves or their property from violent attack or seizure. Nor should anyone be vulnerable to prosecution for the comments they make as to other’s beliefs, practices or ideologies. The notion of “hate crime” is so subjective as to undermine the very basis of freedom of speech. People must be free to express dissent from politically correct notions without fear of criminal prosecution – a statement that would have seemed absurdly unnecessary even 20 years ago.

Above all we must regain sole and exclusive control of our criminal law and remove it altogether from the European Court of Human Rights which has become an instrument in the hands of criminals and terrorists used by them to defy the criminal law of our country laid down by Parliament. More than ever it is essential that we deprive foreign criminals of the right to cross our shores to abuse the benefits we should only provide to those who have earned the right to live here abiding by our laws and making their contribution to the larger community. These are policies which UKIP alone hold to be the foundation of a secure society.

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