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In the run up to the General Election UKIP is facing unworthy attempts to discredit it

Jeremy NieboerJeremy Nieboer

I appeared on the Politics Show last Sunday on BBC 1 West. Many of you will recall that an attempt was made to discredit Lord Pearson in a recent BBC interview by asking him if he had talked to retired policemen to see if they wanted to be wardens of public places.

Such a comment shows how shallow and vindictive the attacks on UKIP have become. Would Mr Brown have been asked if he had talked to unemployed people in Sunderland if they would like to work for an increased minimum wage? All that the Manifesto is suggesting is that the opportunity to use their lifetime experience is offered to retired police officers to continue their public service.

I was asked if I could defend a statement in the Manifesto that UKIP would cut NHS spending by a third. I could not recall any such statement. However I did not want to become tangled up in an examination test on the Manifesto and responded by asserting that any politician that talks of sparing the NHS the cuts that have to come is deceiving the voters. However no such statement is contained in the Manifesto – all that is said is the waste and bureaucracy will be cut. The presenter well knew what he was saying was false since, on his own account, he had spent the week end studying the Manifesto.

It was also not a case of poor recollection as he was reading from his own detailed notes and pressed the question twice. It is however a sign that we are becoming of national media interest that we should be faced with such unworthy attempts to discredit what is now the fourth party of the country. I am finding a deep well of support for our cause as I go round the Constituency. We know that if we have a hung parliament then the strong likelihood is that Mr Clegg will be able to require that proportional representation becomes our voting system. In such a case UKIP are likely to poll heavily and take a number of seats at the next General Election after this one – which cannot be long delayed. Mr Cameron will then have to talk to UKIP – grinding his teeth as he may.

We are on the final stage of a decisive General Election. We need to make the greatest possible effort to ensure that we mark our success in last year’s Euro poll with a decisive impact in this Westminster election. Please help by coming to our meetings in Sturminster Newton, Verwood, Alderholt and Shaftesbury and above all vote on May 6. Thank you for all your support and good cheer!

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