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A step back for reflection

Jeremy NieboerJeremy Nieboer

Now that all we have forecast and feared has come to pass in the Eurozone we should pause and reflect on this watershed in our political and economic life. As the keen realities of being trapped in the folly of the single currency begin to emerge from the mists of delusion and mendacity that has attended the entire project 2 facts stand out.

The first is that our entire political elite has betrayed its electorate. In the remorseless accretion of power by the EU regime the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties have willingly abandoned the sovereignty which had been assured for us by the sacrifice and wisdom of our forbears. Never – not even in the shameful days of appeasement from 1933 – 1938 – has there been such an abject betrayal of what was the envy of the world – our freedom, independence and parliamentary sovereignty.

The second is that the Conservative party bears the greater guilt. By deceit we were induced to submit to what it is, a Politburo. At each stage of our shameful surrender – the Accession, Single European Act, Maastricht, Nice and Amsterdam it was the Conservatives that led us into this pass and denied us any voice. The so called Eurosceptics, with few honourable exceptions, are most to blame since they promised the unattainable – reform of the EU and its institutions – an illusion which they have fostered knowing it to be such.

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